Murder at Headingley Hall - J.P. Coogan

Step into the eerie world of ‘Murder at Headingley Hall, a gripping contemporary murder mystery that unfolds on a stormy Halloween night.

Monty Pine, ex-military and ex-Metropolitan Police, finds himself in a chilling scenario. Invited to a murder mystery evening at Headingley Hall, guests are on edge knowing that a dangerous killer has escaped from a secure psychiatric hospital that very day.

As the rain pours relentlessly, and a nearby dam threatens to breach, the Hall becomes an isolated fortress, cut off from the outside world. The situation takes a sinister turn when the host, millionaire Geoffrey Tibbutt, is found dead before the murder mystery could commence. Within hours, Monty is shocked by another horrifying revelation.

The atmosphere inside the hall turns paranoid as the guests grapple with the realisation that a killer lurks among them…or did the escaped murderer infiltrate the building?

Monty, haunted by a past failure in the police force, races against time to unmask the murderer. Will he unveil the murderer’s identity before another life is claimed?

Murder at Headingley Hall’ is not just a murder mystery; it’s a thrilling journey through deception, suspense, and a relentless pursuit of redemption and justice. Dive into this soul-stirring tale, where the line between friend and foe blurs, and every shadow hides a potential threat.

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