The New Puppy Handbook - Christian de Silva

When you’ve made the decision to introduce a puppy into your home, you may be naturally apprehensive, particularly if you are becoming pet parents for the first time. Many let doubts and indecision stand in the way of what is such a challenging but rewarding experience. This is due mainly to potential pet owners not having the correct information in the first place.

This detailed, comprehensive step-by-step guide to choosing, owning and caring for your puppy will be all that you need.  By following and putting into practice what you read in this book, your puppy will become a happy and well-adjusted adult canine and you will become the most confident pet owner you can possibly be.

Inside the book you will find advice on:

  • Choosing a Suitable Breed
  • Finding Reputable Puppy Breeders
  • Budgeting for your Puppy
  • Shopping for Supplies and Equipment
  • Puppy Proofing your Home and Garden
  • Training

and so much more …

The Keto Diet Cookbook - Jane Oliver

Jane Oliver has experienced the incredible health benefits of following the ketogenic lifestyle and has compiled her favourite go-to recipes in one place to help you look good and feel great. The Keto Diet Cookbook is a compact and concise guide that points the way to totally transforming your physical and mental well-being in no time at all.
‘We are what we eat’ has been a mantra for years but it is true! If we keep on doing what we have always done then we are always going to get the same results. It is time for a change. By following the precepts of this book you will soon be experiencing the benefits of living on a higher more positively charged level.

The Keto Diet Cookbook is your one-stop guide for weight loss and well-being. If you like eating well and living life to the full, then you will love Jane Oliver’s life changing Keto Diet Cookbook. Check out what Amazon customers are saying about this book:

  • “This book provides keto diet recipes using a wide variety of meats, fish, vegetables and tofu. Perfect for a beginner or more advanced cook looking to make breakfast, lunch or dinner. also lots of information about what not to eat along with information about the keto diet.” ★★★★★
  • “This little book is full of great ideas with delicious recipes. Good variety. Well written and easy to use.” ★★★★★
  • “This is a wonderful addition to the kitchen library! Not only does it provide an overview of the diet, but the recipes are simple, yet filling. This is a great reference for some quick weeknight meals with is an added bonus! It makes it so easy to stick to this diet.” ★★★★★
  • “This ketogenic recipe book has given me the impetus to regain good habits. Thank you” ★★★★★

Mindfulness For Beginners - Graham Cann

Stress and anxiety in the world have reached epidemic proportions. People are trying to cope with feelings of anger, discontentment and despair. Mental health provision has not kept up with this unprecedented demand, leaving people isolated and alone.

Graham Cann brings a wealth of experience to the knowledge and practice of mindfulness and meditation gained over 50 years to produce an excellent beginners’ guide. It is perfect for those with little or no knowledge of the subject who are seeking to improve their mental and physical well-being.

He will be sharing how, in just a few minutes each day, you can relieve worry and stress and emerge as a new calmer, and more contented you!

‘Mindfulness for Beginners’ is an easy to read, step-by-step guide that empowers you to take control of your mind and bring peace to bear on your life even in the most trying of circumstances. By following the varied simple exercises within this book, you will be well on your way to finding more confidence and a passion for life!

‘Mindfulness for Beginners’ really is your go-to handbook for a new, enlightened outlook on life, full of hope and optimism.

If the light you want to see is the light at the end of the tunnel, then you’ll love this!

In Mindfulness For Beginners you will discover:

  • Scientifically proven techniques designed to help you break free from mental turbulence and insomnia
  • What Mindfulness is and how it can transform your life
  • How living in the present moment can heal your mind and body
  • Easy mindfulness exercises to overcome stress and worry, enabling mental well-being
  • Nine Mindful attitudes that complement your practice and keep you tuned in to the present moment
  • Ways you can practice mindfulness at home, at work and in the great outdoors so that wherever you are, you will feel more alive
  • How to overcome common obstacles on your way to a stress-free life.

and so much more…

My Garden Planner and Log Book - Jules Cann

The ultimate gardening planner designed to help you plan and record your entire growing year. Relax and rest assured your gardening experience is about to become a whole lot easier

The journal is divided into SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER seasons prompting you to complete the sections on sowing, planting, feeding, harvesting and pruning.

Planning in advance and recording your successes as well as your failures, means you will now be able to see, at a glance, what is and what isn’t working.


My Garden Planner and Log Book includes:

• Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily trackers (or organisers) so you never forget what to do and when.

• Lists for your garden goals so you achieve more than you thought possible.

• Undated pages so you can start this journal at any time of the year.

• Grid pages to help you to sketch and plan creatively

• Glossy, wipe-clean cover


If you’d love to make a success of your gardening year, then you’ll love Jules Cann’s My Garden Planner and Log Book.

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9 Power Habits of the Rich and Famous - Zoe Gomez

Have you ever wondered how the rich and famous maintain their extraordinary lifestyles and continually reach new heights?

This book reveals their secrets and provides you with the tools to empower yourself, live the life you desire, and reach your full potential.

From Hollywood icons to business moguls, this book presents a fascinating journey through the habits that have set these individuals apart from the crowd. Discover the power of their routines and how they’ve harnessed them to eliminate bad habits and replace them with life-affirming practices.

9 Power Habits of the Rich and Famousoffers:

◆ Inspiration from Real-Life Success Stories: Gain insights from the lives of celebrities and entrepreneurs who have conquered their demons and paved the way to prosperity.

◆ Practical Strategies for Empowerment: Learn how to implement these transformative habits into your daily life, enabling you to take control and steer it in the direction you desire.

◆ Habitual Transformation: Say goodbye to self-destructive behaviors and hello to positive, life-affirming habits that will inspire you to achieve your goals.

◆ A Blueprint for Success: This book provides a roadmap to success, offering guidance on how to replace detrimental habits with empowering ones.

Whether you aspire to reach new heights in your career, attain financial freedom, or simply want to improve your overall well-being,9 Power Habits of the Rich and Famous’ is your essential companion on the journey to unlocking your full potential.

Join the ranks of those who have conquered their old ways, embraced transformative habits, and achieved greatness.

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'My Journal' Meditations & Thoughts - Jules Cann

‘My Journal’ is designed with YOU in mind, and is for your Meditations, Dreams, Thoughts and Memories.

This UNIQUE, beautifully illustrated journal has been especially created to inspire you, relieve your stress, and help you to reflect and record your special memories.

Inside all pages include thought provoking and motivational quotes designed to boost your mood, inspire creativity and empower you to achieve your dreams in life.

Take time to relax, reflect and express your inner feelings within this notebook, to keep and treasure always.

What you will LOVE about ‘My Journal’:

  • 150 pages of quality paper perfect for gel pen, ink or pencils
  • Each page has an image of delightful spring flowers
  • Perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays
  • Value for money
  • Elegant personal diary
  • Connect to your inner peaceful self
  • Ideal size to carry with you everywhere 

Known BENEFITS of Journaling:

  • Journaling is known to improve your mental health and well-being
  • Increases working memory capacity
  • Inspires creativity
  • Helps to organise your thoughts
  • Allows you to focus on what you are grateful for
  • Helps you to prioritize problems and daily dilemmas

What better way to record your Mediations & Dreams, Thoughts & Memories than by choosing your very own copy of ‘My Journal’.

This is the first in a series of Lifestyle ‘My Journals’ that I am creating for you.  

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'My Journal' Paws for Thought - Jules Cann

‘My Journal ~ Paws For Thought’ is designed with YOU in mind. 

This unique, beautifully illustrated pet notebook has been especially created for you as pet-parent to record your new family members’ special moments, milestones, achievements and so much more.

All 150 pages include room to record your daily walks, training and grooming schedules with some quotes and jokes thrown in to entertain you. This paperback will be something that you will want to keep and treasure always.

What you will LOVE about ‘My Journal’:

  • 150 pages of quality paper perfect for gel pen, ink or pencils
  • Each page is decorated with cute paw print images
  • Perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Ideal size to carry with you in your bag
  • A place for your own reflections of your day
  • Perfect for your pet training, grooming, health and well-being records

What you will find inside:

  • Your pet’s personal detail
  • Daily record in detail together
  • Record of your favourite walks
  • A place for your favourite photos
  • Paws for Thoughts – your own pages
  • Your pet health & well-being record
  • Your pet grooming record
  • Your pet training plan
  • your pet calendar

What better way to keep a life-time record of your days together with your pet than in the second of the ‘My Journal’ series?

See also ‘My Journal’ ~ Meditations & Dreams, Thoughts & Memories.

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