E-book and Paperback Formatting

Why do I need to format my book?

Quite simply, formatting ensures that your book meets the requirements of the Amazon publishing platform and provides an enjoyable reading experience for the customer.

Formatting looks at fonts, font sizes, alignment, line spacing, indents, margins, trim size, page and section breaks to name a few – everything that goes into the visual appearance of the finished book.

If your book has poor readability then sales will suffer.  The interior needs to look its best if it is going to go head-to-head with traditionally published titles.

If it is something that you would prefer not to attempt yourself, we can help.  It can be a lengthy process, particularly for paperbacks, so our professionals can save you hours and hours of hard slog and frustration (particularly if you’re formatting in Word!).

Our formatting packages start from £45



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Professionally Formatted Book

Our formatting packages start from £45 

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