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Whilst print books outsell e-books worldwide by a factor of 4 to 1,  the demand for digital books is still a force to be reckoned with and there are strategies that writers can use to earn more royalties.  Authors continue to publish e-books en masse but spending a few moments checking out your KDP Pricing page could save you money. 
This is relevant for authors who have included any images on their pages.  The obvious example is an image-heavy cookery book or children’s books.  But this can apply to even a few images that you’ve added to your book.

Checking Your Delivery Fees

Log in to KDP and choose your book.  Hover over the ellipsis and click on ‘Edit eBook pricing’.
ebook royalties
You can see straight away under Pricing, Royalty and Distribution that you have a choice whether to go for a 35% or 70% royalty.  If you opt for the higher rate, you will pay a delivery fee for Amazon to download the e-book to your customer.
In the example above, the delivery fee is $1.03.
The royalty rate is calculated thus: 70% Royalty Rate x (List Price – VAT if applicable – Delivery Costs) = Royalty.
Delivery Costs are equal to the number of megabytes that your Digital Book file contains (6.85MB in the above example), multiplied by the Delivery Cost rate ($0.15) listed below.  Check out the full KDP Digital Pricing page – https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G200634500


  • Amazon.com: US $0.15/MB
  • Amazon.ca: CAD $0.15/MB
  • Amazon.com.br: R$0.30/MB
  • Amazon.co.uk: UK £0.10/MB
  • Amazon.de: €0,12/MB
  • Amazon.fr: €0,12/MB
  • Amazon.es: €0,12/MB
  • Amazon.in: INR ₹7/MB
  • Amazon.it: €0,12/MB
  • Amazon.nl: €0,12/MB
  • Amazon.co.jp: ¥1/MB
  • Amazon.com.mx: MXN $1/MB
  • Amazon.com.au: AUD $0.15/MB

How To Earn More Royalties From Your E-books

The secret of how to earn more royalties is contained in software that you can access free of charge from quite a few sources.  I use https://tinyjpg.com/.
What this software does is to compress your images, lowering the number of megabytes in each one and therefore reducing the amount of fees you pay.
how to earn more money
It’s so simple to use.  You can upload 20 images at a time up to 5MB each.  Click in the dotted area and upload your image.  You’ll see it actively compressing.  Click download.  It’s that easy!

Does It Affect The Quality Of The Image?

Check this out for yourself from the comparison below.  There is very little difference between the original (on the left) and the compressed image which means that your reader will not be adversely affected.

And Finally.....

Depending on the number of images in your book, you may well opt for the 35% rate if your delivery fee is massive.  Like I’ve already said, there are no fees with the lower rate so that you could earn more royalties.
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