Charlie Chuckles One-Liner – “What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta!”



Elevate your day with our unique “Charlie Chuckles One-Liner” joke mugs in another from the “Charlie Chuckles and His Mascot-Men” range of mugs, for an instant mood boost whenever you indulge in your favourite brew!

Introducing the ultimate conversation starter from the 1001 One-Liner joke book crew. Our hilarious joke mug, guaranteed to light up the room with laughter. It’s the ultimate gift for anyone who appreciates a hearty laugh, whether it’s for yourself, your spouse, parents, friends, aunt, uncle, grandparents, or any loved ones. 

Holding this exclusive witty coffee joke mug while sipping your favourite hot beverage is a surefire way to stir up well-being and bring fun to your gatherings.

Add some colour to your routine with this two-tone, custom accent coffee mug. This 11oz mug features an accented C-Handle that is comfortable to use, as well as an accented interior to add more contrast and character. 

.: White ceramic with coloured interior and handle
.: C-handle
.: Eye-catching colour contrast
.: Lead and BPA-free


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